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Espo is a community-driven company with rapid growth plans for the future. We have worked very hard to build a new, multi-team, esports fan engagement platform that will reward collaboration between world-class esports teams, players, fans and sponsors.

To make this possible and to realize our vision to bring esports fans closer to the action, all members of the Espo community have a duty to each other to be responsible for their conduct. It is our duty to create and promote a safe environment and to step in we believe our Code of Ethics have been infringed.

Our Code of Ethics is made up of 4 pillars, each designed to support our philosophy of global fan inclusion, equal talent opportunity and strong governance.

  1. Prevention

    We value the safety of our users, which is why we will verify the identity/account of each user through our platform before they will be able to redeem Fan Perks that involve interaction with other users. Imposters and criminals have no place on our platform and verification is the first step to ensuring the safety of our users.

  2. Taking Action

    We are committed to resolving any and all issues our users may have with or within our service and/or community. This will include but is not limited to eliminating potential scam/fake accounts on our platform, working alongside criminal investigations and ensuring the safety of our users and community members. If you feel that you are being victimized, we urge you to report the matter in writing to so that we can take the necessary action.

  3. Promote Safe Interactions

    We anticipate that our users and community members will regularly come into virtual contact with each other (and sometimes in person too). We will be active in our community to promote friendship and respect amongst each other and be available to help at all times.

  4. Diversity

    We believe that diversity is an integral part in making esports inclusive for everyone. We will consistently promote diversity and encourage it on our platform and in our community.

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"We've seen plenty of fan engagement platforms come and go in our time, but Espo may have the smartest. Espo could be huge."

"Espo is looking to tailor the fan engagement experience for each esports organization on its roster."

"Fan engagement platforms are becoming an innovative and profitable way for fans and organisations to interact with one another."

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