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General Questions

What is Espo building?

We're building a new, multi-team, esports fan engagement platform – the first platform to reward collaboration between world-class teams, players, fans and sponsors all under one roof!

Who is behind Espo?

We’re an international team of 50+ gamers who share a vision to bring esports fans closer to the action with their favorite teams and players! You can meet our team on Discord and on LinkedIn.

When does Espo launch?

The Espo platform is scheduled to launch Q4 2020. Pre-register today and secure your Espo username!

What are EXP points?

EXP are Espo loyalty points that users can earn and redeem on the Espo platform. We’ve created EXP as a way for you to get access to Fan Perks faster by rewarding you for sponsoring the Campaigns of our Team Partners. You can start earning EXP today by taking part in our Community Incentive Program.

How will Espo evolve over time?

Espo will launch in its first edition – v1.0 – in Q4 2020 as a gateway for esports fans to get closer to their favorite teams and players like never before! This core solution is the result of hundreds of interviews we carried out with esports fans, but this is just the start of our long-term evolution strategy for the Espo platform. In 2021, we will introduce pioneering new fan engagement features – v2.0 – that will gamify the interactions of fans with teams, players and sponsors, providing fun, innovative and scalable fan engagement.

Is Espo a gambling site?

No, we're not a gambling or betting company. Espo is a fan engagement platform and we do not have plans to become a gambling or betting company.

Fan Questions

What's so good about Espo?

From the outset, we've been devoted to listening to esports fans and creating a platform that provides a level of fan engagement that actually excites them – the platform they essentially told us how and what to build! The excitement surrounding Espo stems from the wide variety of exclusive Fan Perks that users will be able to access on Espo with our growing portfolio of Team Partners. These world-class teams are very committed to fan engagement and are pioneering new levels of engagement for fans with Espo.

Where do I access Fan Perks?

Fan Perks will be accessed on Espo via the Campaign pages of our Team Partners. By sponsoring a Campaign, users will gain access to a selection of Fan Perks linked to the Campaign, which can be redeemed using EXP points.

Espo platform age requirement

Users of the Espo platform must be 16 or older.

What is the Community Incentive Program (CIP)?

Our CIP is a way for you to help us grow our community and for us to reward you with EXP points for this support! The Program is open to anyone and includes additional opportunities for content creators, casters, reporters, collegiate esports associations and TOs. Sign up now, as we're offering 100 EXP and Lifetime Founder Member status to the first 999 participants! We've almost reached this milestone!

Can I give feedback?

Yes! We've got dedicated feedback channels on our Discord for you to make suggestions and share your feedback – positive or negative. You can also email us at with 'Feedback' in the subject line. We're eager to keep improving and want to know which teams and players you would like to see us partner up with!

Team Questions

Which teams can partner with Espo?

We currently have 3 main criteria for potential Team Partners. They must be:

  • Genuinely passionate about Espo's vision to bring esports fans closer to the action;
  • Responsible organizations with experience in serving corporate sponsors; and
  • Tier 1 esports teams competing at the highest international level in at least one game.

What does Espo offer teams?

We're a gateway for esports teams to expand their fanbase, secure new sponsors and reward fans for their engagement with their favorite teams and players. We work with our Team Partners as strategic partners, providing them with a new revenue stream linked to fan engagement and sponsorship that's made possible by our platform and in-house team.

What are Fan Perks?

Fan Perks are the result of several hundreds of interviews we carried out with esports fans to understand what they want access to, but don't have access to today. In the first edition of the Espo platform – v1.0 – our mission is to provide fans with access to this extensive and diverse list of Fan Perks with our Team Partners. These Fan Perks vary from interactions with pro players to fan-vs-fan tournaments, which means some Fan Perks require the time and resources of our Team Partners and some don't. We know that all teams and players are different, so we simply ask our Team Partners to tell us which Fan Perks are a good fit for them. We then take care of the rest – getting Campaign pages online and provide the customer service and tech support to facilitate Fan Perks.

What are Campaigns?

Campaign pages on Espo are where Team Partners make offer Fan Perks to users of our platform. Campaigns run monthly for a period of 30 days, each offering a different selection of Fan Perks, which users can redeem by sponsoring the Campaign and/or using EXP points. Our Brand Partners can also sponsor Campaigns and offer Fan Perks of their own in collaboration with our Team Partners.

Sponsorship Questions

What's the DNA of Espo's Brand Partnership Team?

Members of our team have numerous years of experience in sports sponsorship (agency and client side), serving blue chips, rights-holders, government, series organizers and promoters around the world. We've witnessed firsthand the challenge faced by brands to reach, market and sell to millennials and gen Z – the first generations to have grown up with the Internet, modern video gaming and online multiplayer. With the experience of our team and the features of the Espo platform, we see the unrivalled ROI opportunity that Espo presents for brands seeking revenue, activation and/or fan engagement in the esports sector.

What does Espo offer sponsors?

We're an ideal partner for brands targeting the esports sector. Providing advisory, facilitation and delivery of campaigns for brands, we leverage our in-house team, the Espo platform and our Team Partners to deploy 3 strategies focused on revenue, activation and/or fan engagement that provide superior ROI for our clients. For inquiries, please contact us at

Companies new to esports

For brands that are new to esports, our methodology is to start simple – focusing a campaign on just 1 of the 3 strategies we can deploy for brands. We provide zero-cost advice to brands and our in-house team are highly focused on understanding a brand's interest in esports and their commercial objectives. Our priority is on designing a campaign for your brand that meets your objectives and delivers superior ROI.

"We've seen plenty of fan engagement platforms come and go in our time, but Espo may have the smartest. Espo could be huge."

"Espo is looking to tailor the fan engagement experience for each esports organization on its roster."

"Fan engagement platforms are becoming an innovative and profitable way for fans and organisations to interact with one another."