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About Espo

What is Espo?

Espo is a fan engagement platform where users can sponsor world-class esports organizations to access and redeem exclusive perks, which we call Fan Perks. Our vision is to bring esports and gaming fans closer to their favorite teams, pro players and content creators like never before! Fan Perks on Espo make this possible.

Why is Espo unique?

Espo has a number of unique features that set it apart from other platforms, including:

Collaborative Design

Our core design feature is to reward collaboration between world-class esports orgs, pro players, content creators, fans and brands. Our platform rewards all of these parties for supporting each other!

100+ Fan Perks

After interviewing thousands of esports and gaming fans, we discovered just how many kinds of perks and benefits they want access to from their favorite esports orgs, pro players and content creators. No other platform is currently geared up to offer the huge variety of 100+ different Fan Perks that Espo provides.

EXP Loyalty Points

EXP are loyalty points you need to redeem Fan Perks on Espo. As multiple esports orgs have joined Espo, EXP provide you with utility for you to redeem Fan Perks from all of our Team Partners! You can earn EXP for free by taking part in our Community Incentive Program / by sponsoring the Campaigns of our Team Partners / by purchasing products on our Store.

Who is behind Espo?

We're an international team of 60+ esports and gaming fans with professional experience in video gaming, tech and sports, including previous roles held at Sony PlayStation, AT&T and Tesla Motors to name a few. Our founders are based in London, UK, and come with 20+ years of combined experience as founders, having previously developed disruptive sportstech, fintech and web apps. You can meet the Espo team on Discord / LinkedIn.

Which esports orgs are joining Espo next?

More world-class esports orgs are joining Espo soon. Follow our social media channels to be the first to know about new Team Partner announcements! Our goal is for 12 top-tier esports orgs to join Espo by the end of 2021.

What's Espo building next?

After 15 months of research, design and development, we launched Espo v1.0 on Feb 10, 2021. We’ll continue to deploy new platform features and updates on a monthly basis. Our next significant upgrade will be Espo v2.0, arriving in the latter half of 2021. v2.0 will include our existing core features with the addition of new interactive media features for users to engage with on Espo. A mobile app will follow after the release of v2.0.

Using Espo

What can I get for free on Espo?

There are several things you can enjoy for free on Espo, including:

Platform Access

It's free to register to Espo!

Fan Perks

Some Fan Perks are free and don't require Fan Sponsorship to access!

EXP Loyalty Points

It’s possible to earn EXP for free by taking part in our Community Incentive Program! Remember, you need EXP to redeem Fan Perks on Espo.

How can I redeem Fan Perks?

Redeeming Fan Perks is simple:

Free Fan Perks

Log in to Espo and go to the Vault page. Amongst the list of Fan Perks that appear in your Vault, some of these Fan Perks will not require you to sponsor a team to access them. You'll just need to use some of your EXP to redeem these Fan Perks. If you don't have a sufficient EXP balance, consider taking part in our Community Incentive Program to earn EXP for free.

Other Fan Perks

Log in to Espo and go to a Campaign page that interests you. Browse the list of Fan Perks linked to this Campaign and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Fan Sponsorship section. Here you can select/enter amounts to sponsor the team running the Campaign. Higher Fan Sponsorship amounts will provide you with access to a larger number of Fan Perks linked to the Campaign. See the My Fan Perk Access tool update dynamically to your Fan Sponsorship inputs, showing you what Fan Perks you'll get access to in your Vault relative to different Fan Sponsorship amounts. You can also click on specific Fan Perk panels to see the amount of Fan Sponsorship required to access that Fan Perk. Once you checkout with your chosen Fan Sponsorship amount, you'll be transferred to the Vault page where you'll be able to use EXP to redeem the Fan Perks that interest you. If you're running low on EXP, you can go back to the Campaign page and go through the Fan Sponsorship checkout process again.

After you have used EXP to redeem a Fan Perk, you'll be prompted to confirm/provide certain information in order for us to arrange your Fan Perk. If you’d prefer to confirm/provide this information at a later date, you'll have until the final day of the Campaign to submit this information to us by going to Account > Fan Perks.

Can I redeem more than 1 of the same Fan Perk?

Yes, as long as the Fan Perk has not sold out and as long as your Fan Sponsorship amount was sufficient to cover each number of times you wish to redeem the Fan Perk again. For example, if a Fan Perk requires Fan Sponsorship of $40 to access and you wish to redeem the Fan Perk 2 times, you would need to checkout with Fan Sponsorship of $80 or higher on the corresponding Campaign page of the Fan Perk. This could be done in a single $80 order, or multiple smaller sized orders that total $80 or higher.

Who receives my Fan Sponsorship?

The bulk of your Fan Sponsorship will go to the teams and rosters you sponsor. These funds are intended to help them develop, compete and provide exclusive Fan Perks. Meanwhile, the other portion of your Fan Sponsorship will go to Espo to help us run our platform, serve our community and build new platform features.

Can I gift a Fan Perk to a friend?

We're currently building functionality that will enable you to gift a Fan Perk to a friend. For now, if you would like to gift a Fan Perk to someone, please make this request by writing to and we'll be glad to arrange this with you.

Can I transfer EXP between accounts?

No. EXP cannot be transferred between account or exchanged for cash. EXP can only be used to redeem Fan Perks.

Can I request a Fan Sponsorship refund?

All Fan Sponsorship orders you make on Espo are non-transferable. You will receive EXP with every Fan Sponsorship order you make on Espo, which can be used to redeem a variety of different Fan Perks on Espo either now or in the future.

Can I cancel/change a Fan Perk order?

Some Fan Perk orders can be cancelled/changed up until the moment you confirm/provide the final information we request from you on the page after the EXP checkout page. Once you submit this information to us, or if we did not request information for you to confirm/provide after the EXP checkout page, your Fan Perk can no longer be cancelled/changed and your EXP can no longer be refunded.

Do I need to have Discord?

Some Fan Perks on Espo will require you to use Discord in order to take part in a Fan Perk with a pro player, content creator or members of our community. With the approval of our Team Partners, we choose to use Discord as it is the most popular VoIP and instant messaging platform used by the video gaming and esports community. We welcome you to join our community on Discord.

How can I report an issue?

If you're experiencing an issue with your account, user experience, or an order you have placed on Espo, please tell us about the issue by writing to and a member of our team will assist you as soon as possible.

Can I give feedback?

Yes! Your feedback helps us to improve. You can send us your feedback on our dedicated feedback channels on Discord, or by writing to

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