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General Questions

What is Espo building?

We're building a fan engagement platform for the esports community – the first platform to reward collaboration between world-class teams, players, fans and sponsors all under one roof!

Who is behind Espo?

We're an international team of 50+ gamers who share a vision to bring esports fans closer to the action alongside their favorite teams and players! Feel free to chat with us on Discord and connect with us on LinkedIn.

When does Espo launch?

We're scheduled to launch the Espo platform at the end of September 2020. You can pre-register today!

What are EXP points?

EXP refers to the native loyalty points that users can earn and redeem on the Espo platform. We’ve created EXP in order for you to redeem Fan Perks and to reward you for supporting our Team Partners. You can start earning EXP today by taking part in our Community Incentive Program.

Is Espo a gambling site?

No, we're not a gambling or betting company. Espo is a fan engagement platform that we've designed 100% around the feedback we received from our interviews with hundreds of esports fans. We don't have any intention to become a gambling or betting company.

Fan Questions

What's so good about Espo?

Espo will allow esports fans to access unique and personalized Fan Perks offered by world-class teams and players featured on the Espo platform. Now is your chance to get closer to the action alongside your favorite teams and players like never before! Our growing list of Team Partners want to go the extra mile for fans and Espo is their new gateway to offer their fans exclusive experiences, merch and much more.

How do I access Fan Perks?

Fan Perks offered by our Team Partners will be accessible via Campaign pages on the Espo platform. Each Campaign page will offer a unique range of Fan Perks from one of our Team Partners and their players. Users will need to financially support a campaign page (starting from $10 USD or equivalent) and use their balance of EXP points to redeem the Fan Perks of interest to them. Some Fan Perks will also require a certain Espo loyalty tier status in order for users to access them.

Espo platform age requirement

Users of the Espo platform must be 16 or older.

What is the Community Incentive Program (CIP)?

Our CIP is the best way for you to help us grow our community and for us to reward you with EXP points, which you will be able to use to redeem Fan Perks offered by our Team Partners on the Espo platform. The Program is open to esports fans / streamers / casters / members of collegiate esports associations / TOs / aspiring pro players... sign up to the CIP today. We're offering 100 EXP and Lifetime Founder Member status to the first 999 participants!

Can I give suggestions and feedback?

Yes! We're a community-driven company and we would love to receive your suggestions and feedback – positive / negative. We're always eager to improve and offer a better experience for esports fans! Please email us at with 'Feedback' in the subject line. Tell us which teams and players you would like to see us partner up with!

Team Questions

Which teams can partner with Espo?

We currently have 3 main criteria for potential Team Partners. They must be:

  • Genuinely passionate about Espo's vision to bring esports fans closer to the action;
  • Responsible organizations with experience in serving corporate sponsors; and
  • Tier 1 esports teams competing at the highest international level in at least one game.

What does Espo offer teams?

As there is no up-front / retainer fee for teams to partner up with Espo, our business model relies entirely on our ability to generate revenue for our Team Partners through fan engagement and corporate sponsorship. We aim to achieve this via the unique combination of our fan engagement platform and our international network of active corporate sponsors.

Who decides on Fan Perks?

All decision-making regarding Fan Perks offered by our Team Partners is made by the team. We provide suggestions and guidance to our Team Partners, but we do not force them into any arrangement they are not happy with. The goal with Fan Perks is to enable a give-and-take system that mutually benefits fans and our Team Partners.

What are Campaigns?

Campaign pages are the mechanism used by the Espo platform where Team Partners can offer Fan Perks to users on Espo. Each Campaign must feature the Fan Perk involvement of a player / roster of players from your team. Each Campaign should offer various levels of Fan Perks and not just ones that involve players. As we aim to win and attach corporate sponsors to Campaigns on behalf of our Team Partners, it is possible that Campaigns might also include Fan Perks offered by sponsors. We advise for each Campaign to run on the Espo platform for a 30-day period and for our Team Partners to be running at least 1 Campaign per month.

Sponsorship Questions

What's the DNA of Espo's B2B Team?

Our senior management have numerous years of experience in sportstech, talent management and sports sponsorship (agency and client side), serving blue chips, rights-holders, government, series organizers and promoters around the world. We've witnessed the challenge faced by brands to reach and market to millennials – a demographic that has grown up around video gaming and online multiplayer unlike any previous generation. Our experience and knowledge have led us to firmly believe in the key role that Espo will play in connecting brands with the 500+ million esports fans.

What does Espo offer sponsors?

Our in-house B2B Team is here to advise and tailor a campaign that fits with your brand message and meets your commercial objectives. We offer sponsors a very targeted route to promote and sell to esports fans via our fan engagement platform and Team Partners, creating supreme ROI from: brand activation, sales, customer acquisition, influencer marketing, product placement and image transfer.

Companies new to esports?

We've found that several companies and brands are aware about esports and are eager to follow major brands that have become sponsors in this sector. However, we also found that many companies simply don't understand esports and require specialist advice to design and carry out a high ROI campaign. Our simple methodology for sponsors new to esports is to start small – focusing a campaign in just one area and piloting over a short term. Our in-house B2B Team will be an invaluable asset to your learning curve and ability to create a high impact campaign supported by reliable KPIs.

"We've seen plenty of fan engagement platforms come and go in our time, but Espo may have the smartest. Espo could be huge."

"Espo is looking to tailor the fan engagement experience for each esports organization on its roster."

"Fan engagement platforms are becoming an innovative and profitable way for fans and organisations to interact with one another."