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Espo Benefits

What is Espo building?

Espo is building an immersive fan engagement platform that will reward collaboration between world-class esports teams, players, fans and corporate sponsors.

What benefits will Espo offer fans?

The Espo platform will enable fans to financially support their favorite players and teams in a way that is impactful, meaningful and creates mutual long-term value and loyalty. In return, fans will be able to interact directly with their favorite players and teams via exclusive fan-talent experiences facilitated by Espo, receive a share of future prize money winnings and access limited-edition team merchandise only available on Espo.

What benefits will Espo offer teams and players?

Espo is generating and facilitating new sponsorship revenue for world-class teams and players from its international network of corporate sponsors. From launch in September 2020, the Espo platform will enable teams and players to reach, engage and acquire new fans that are active users on the platform.

The Espo platform will also come with the added benefit of providing teams and players higher ROI for their corporate sponsors that are activating products/brands in the esports sector.

What benefits will Espo offer corporate sponsors?

Espo is providing an expansion to the ROI capability of sponsorship campaigns in the esports sector. Today, companies and brands are benefiting from influencer marketing, image transfer and product placement via sponsorship campaigns with esports teams and players. Espo expands on these benefits with its own unique value for corporate sponsors by providing them with a platform that will directly promote and distribute their products/services to users of the platform in conjunction with parallel team/player sponsorship campaigns.

How does Espo support corporate sponsors?

Espo's in-house sponsorship team is tasked with advising, designing and managing these campaigns – fully supporting the marketing team and external agencies of its clients across all aspects of the campaign including KPI reporting. Espo's sponsorship team is further supported by 12 in-house teams of game specialists who are able to advise on several game specific metrics and consumer trends.

Espo Platform

When is the Espo platform launching?

The Espo platform is scheduled to launch in September 2020. Pre-registration is now open for fans, players and teams here.

Will the community be able to suggest games, teams and players for Espo to focus on?

Yes. Espo is a community-driven company that will always listen to feedback, suggestions and requests from the esports fan community and act upon this information wherever possible. Fans are invited to join Espo's online communities and social media channels to participate in community discussions and voting.

What share of prize money can fans receive from Espo?

The share of prize money that fans will be entitled to receive from an esports team or player they support via a campaign on the Espo platform will depend on: (a) the percentage of prize money the esports team/player decides they are willing to share with supporting fans; (b) the amount of money each fan supports the team/player and; (c) whether the team/player goes on to win prize money through tournament participation during the time period of the campaign.

What are EPX points?

EPX points are Espo loyalty points that users will be able to earn and redeem on the Espo platform for exclusive fan-talent experiences, limited-edition team merchandise and many other perks!

From June 1, Espo is offering EPX points to anyone who enrolls and participates in the Espo Community Incentive Program. For more info, please click here.

Espo Partners

How can esports teams and players partner with Espo?

Espo is currently welcoming world-class esports teams and players to express their interest to partner with Espo by emailing

What is Espo's business model?

Espo will charge a success fee to its partner esports teams and players linked to the revenue it creates for them.


How old do users need to be to use Espo?

Users of the Espo platform must be 16 years of age or older.

How will Espo protect its users against fraud and money-laundering?

Espo has created robust internal processes and policies to protect fans against fraud and money-laundering, which have been assessed and vetted by third party financial services and compliance advisors contracted by Espo.

Espo will not compromise on protecting its users and will at all times comply with the legal frameworks of the territories it operates in.

Is Espo a gambling company?

No. Espo is a community-driven tech company developing a fan engagement platform. Gambling and betting are not a feature of the Espo platform, nor will it be in the future.

"Espo lets fans financially support rising competitive gamers. In return for supporting gamers, fans are promised shares in a gamer's future prize winnings and access to exclusive perks offered by Espo."

"Espo will enable a new way for esports fans, teams and sponsors to collaborate and benefit from one another in the dynamic world of competitive video gaming."

"The Espo platform brings fans closer to their idols and makes them feel invested in the action through staking, share in future prize winnings and access exclusive perks."